• Thanks, Steve! Arnie W. September 2012

    Gage's RibbonsAs a relatively new member of the Inland Valley Retriever Club and new to the Hunt Test game I am particularly grateful to Steve. He has generously supported IVRC with hands on help on our monthly training days. I have learned more from a few minutes of advice from Steve than from all the books and DVD's I have read and watched.

    It never ceases to amaze me that Steve will remember and be able to analyze a dog and handler that he may have seen work only once or twice (and not even up close).

    My self-trained pup failed his first two AKC Junior Hunt Tests at 7 months old. Right afterwards Steve pointed me in the right direction and generously provided more advice over the past year. We have had 10 AKC, NAHRA and HRC passes in a row (including 2 NAHRA Intermediate) since those two fails. The pup is still not 2 years old! I owe a large part of our success to Steve.   Arnie Wachman

  • Thank you for all your help. Stephan and Sonia, November 2012
    We cannot thank Steve enough for the help he has given us. It is not easy to progress as a new amateur dog handler. Steve was gracious enough to help us and we have learned so much about reading and training our dogs and understanding testing situations. Steve has helped us train our dogs but more importantly he has trained us to be good dog handlers by teaching us how to read our dogs and read the terrain our dogs were working in. His goal is for dog and handler to work together as a team.

    Steve can be larger than life but his accomplishments on the testing grounds back it up. Steve has a proven track record not only with his dogs but also with his client’s dogs in AKC, NAHRA and HRC hunt tests. In the fall and winter those dogs are put to the “real” test and are found working in the duck and goose blinds and upland fields finding and retrieving game. Training a hunting retriever is an investment in time and money. You don’t want to waste either when it comes to your dog. Steve is the best in the SoCal area. Stephan and Sonia Regenfuss

  • Thank you Steve! Wanda and Echo December 2012
    Echo's NAHRA Passes Echo's and my partnership was progressing well until all of a sudden I found myself standing with an electric collar (still in the wrapper) in one hand and a puppy class graduation certificate in the other hand, asking myself "What now ..?" I spent a small fortune on all the latest DVDs and books, never took the collar out of the wrapper and just got frustrated. Luckily Steve came to my rescue and decided that as the 'weak link' in the partnership, he would try to help me keep pace with my dog. He must've done a good job because a judge at our last hunt test actually commented that they could tell it was not our 'first rodeo'.

    Steve started me on a progressive training program. Each step of his program incorporates elements of the next step, so the training is always evolving and I always have the sense that we're moving forward. His sessions are fun and we always leave with a sense of accomplishment and an understanding of what we are expected to work on. Thank you Steve! Wanda and Echo

    Now here we are February 2014 with Echo's first JAM

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