Steve with dogsSteve Stevens has been Training and Breeding hunting dogs for more than 25 years. He has trained most of the gun-dog breeds including Retrievers, Pointers, Spaniels, and Versatiles. While he continues to do break-out and force fetch work for most hunting breeds, Steve's Primary focus is on Retriever Training and Breeding. In the retriever world; Steve has trained many Master National Qualifying dogs and Master National Participants. In the years 2006-2008 Steve participated in Super Retriever Series, where he placed dogs in the top 10 for each series, and won the SRS Nike Award for Sportsmanship (2008). Steve has qualified and titled Retrievers in many Hunt Test venues; including AKC ( MNH, MH, SH, JH), NAHRA (MHR) and HRC (Finished, Seasoned). During Duck Season; Steve manages Casa de los Patos Duck Club, where dogs get real world hunting experiences, and learn blind manners. Hunt dog training is a team-sport, and while Steve does run and hunt many dogs; his greatest joy is creating a solid team, training a non-slip functional retriever and instructing owners in working with their own dogs; whether it be upland-waterfowl hunting, hunt testing, or field trials.

While Steve does not produce many litters (~1-2 a year), breeding wise he has put together several great pairings that have yielded many talented and amateur-friendly offspring. Such dogs are characterized by their intelligence, versatility, tractability and with having an inherent strong work ethic. Steve's focus in breeding is producing dogs with healthy-longevity (health screening/health guarantee), good temperament , a work-with-you-mentality and significant bird-hunting instinct and drive. His match-ups include CNAFC(2013) FC-AFCCFC-CAF Cunnings Molly B (still running at 11 yrs of age), FC AFC Cuda's Negra Modelo MH, AFC Arnolds Burley Tabster MH (Amateur trained and ran) several QAA & Q2A dogs, numerous (AKC MNH-MH's, NARHA GMHR's, UKC HRCH's). Most of which have been handled entirely by their owners. He has also produced a great many all around great hunting dogs, a few SAR-Bomb detection dogs, Agility-OB dogs, and even a couple of competitive dock-diving & Frisbee dogs. 

Sadly we lost Steve 9-19-19 this year, We will be keeping on with the various Breeding-Training commitments he has previously scheduled. Questions-comments should be addressed to Lisa Griggs for the time being.